In Biology we saw specialization of cells. We had to name the following plant and animal cells and put a labeled drawing and say which characteristic helps them with their function. I worked with Luna.

Plants Cells

Ciliated Cells:

They have cilia which move mocus upwards the bronchi.

Root Hair Cells:

They have root hairs which absorb water and minerals from the soil. Water moves into the hair by osmosis,

Xylem Vessels:

They have strong walls made of cellulose and lignin and no nucelus nor cytoplasm which help to transport the water from the earth to the plant. These cells are in the roots of the plants.

Palisade Mesophyll Cells:

They are full of chloroplasts for photosynthesis.

Plant Cells:

Nerve Cells:

Nerve Cells have dendrites which synapse with other cells and transmit information in form of electrical impulses, that is why they are long too.

Red Blood Cells:

Red cells are made extremely fast because they don’t live long, since thy don’t have nucleus. They are called red blood cells because they contain the pigment haemoglobin which carries oxygen. Since they don’t have nucleus, they have more space to carry molecules of haemoglobin. They are small so they can squeeze through even the tiniest capillaries.

Sperm and Egg Cells:

These cells are made to fuse together to produce  zygote, in reproduction. Egg cells have a layer of jelly so the sperm cell can pass through it to fuse with the egg cell. Sperm cells have a flagellum so they can move fast to the egg cell. Both egg and sperm cell contain a nucleus with the DNA which fuse together.

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  1. Magdalena Ravagnan dijo:

    The ciliated cell´s adaptation is missing.
    Remember that label lines are straight, not arrows.

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