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Datas Comemorativas do Brasil

Este é o trabalho que eu fiz sobre as presentacoes do meus amigos (e minha) sobre as datas comemorativas do Brasil. Trabalhamos com D

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Online Language Test

This is the Language Test that we have to do for 24/06. This are the tasks Pilar gave us: Task 1. Choose a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and prepare an analysis. Write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. … Sigue leyendo

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Lending Library – Booktube

This are the 2 videos i made about my lending library, Wuthering Heights. I recorded myself with the ¨Voicethread¨ app and then uploaded both videos to Youtube.   Video 1 Video 2

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Berlin Blockade 1948

Today in History class we completed a chart of the Berlin Blockade which we had to comple information about Stalin, the USA, the USSR and Yalta   This are my answers to the questions: 1_ Life in post war Berlin … Sigue leyendo

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