Henry Blair Corn Planter

Henry Blair was born in Maryland (USA) in 1807. There is not much known about his personal life, only that he didn’t knew how to write nor read, he was a farmer and the fact that he was the second black man to receive a patent. The Corn Planter is the first patent he obtained(1834). The second one was a few years later, the Cotton Planter.
Corn Planter
The planter resembled a wheelbarrow, with a compartment to hold the seed and rakes dragging behind to cover them. This device enabled farmers to plant their crops more efficiently and enable a greater total yield. This machine was the first of many like this, which developed throughout the centuries. Even now a days, farmers still use this machines (much more modern ones of course). This is a video of one: https://youtu.be/txQTUyP3ENs.


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